Ok to Wait 48hrs Between Mohs for a BCC on my Eyelid and Reconstructive Surgery?

Due to scheduling, I have my Mohs procedure scheduled on a Wed at 2PM with reconstructive surgery scheduled the following Friday at 11am (almost 48 hrs later). Is that to long of a wait? Thanks very much, George

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Time gap between Mohs and reconstruction

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There is no problem with a few days of time gap as long as the wound is kept moist and clean - good luck!

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Waiting for Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

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The key thing is to have the reconstruction performed by the physician that you or your Mohs surgeon feels is most capable of performing the repair. Waiting 24-48 hours shouldn't be an issue, but it would probably be best to be taking antibiotics during that time to decrease the possibility of infection. Also, it should be clear who you should contact in that period if you have any problems or questions (i.e. the Mohs surgeon or the surgeon performing the repair). Talk to your doctors about this. Best of luck.

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You should be ok.

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This is very common with some Mohs reconstructions.  It is very common that someone will have a large tumor that takes several stages to clear - surgery is not complete till the late afternoon.  The next day the patient goes to the reconstructive surgeon usually. Sometimes, OR schedules won't allow that next day or the reconstructive surgeon can't do it the next day.  A 48 hour wait should cause no problems. 

Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon

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