Can I lose more weight, converting from band to gastric sleeve? (Photo)

9 years ago I was banded at 152kg i list 60kg getting down to 92kg, lately my band feels like it's playing up, my weight is up to 105kg, I go from being able to eat a fair bit to getting minimal and vomiting. I'm hungry a lot and have been getting weird night reflux,more . I had a barium swallow and showed no slip. After discussion with my surgeon I am to get my band removed in two weeks and sleeve down in December. My nurse said I mist probably won't loose any more than the 13kg I put on?

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Lap Band revision to Gastric Sleeve

In my opinion if your Band is  working good and not slipped according to your barium swallow,  you can have both surgeries done at the same time, I am pretty positive that you can loose more then 13 kg. by just changing your eating habits. No more acid reflux or hunger and a good follow up with the nutritionist.

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