Wad of Scar Tissue Around Medpor Implant in Nasal Tip, Did Not Respond to Predisone; is Kenalog Safe? Ball is Blocking Lymph

I injured my nose a day after I saw the healed result (in the evening, when nose was unswelled) at 6 wks. 6 wks later, I realized a ball of scar tissue has formed, same size as the day after injury,thru a week of prednisone, gentle taping, & massage. Shape of the nose still the same otherwise, but engorged w/fluid round the clock, except after sleeping (fluid flows towards my face). Ball around the implant in my septum/base of the nose. I'm 3 months post op. Is Kenalog into the tip w/graft safe?

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Make sure your Medpor implant is not in the wrong position.

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Hello irsi,

Sorry to hear of your concerns.  Has your surgeon attempted to aspirate any of this "fluid" you describe?  Is this a true fluid collection or just edema.  As long as there is no suspicion regarding an undrained fluid collection or an infection around your Medpor implant then it is safe to attempt Kenalog injections to effect a reduction in tip edema.  My concern is that you may have dislodged the Medpor tip graft and it is now creating a tip asymmetry or "ball" where you thought the graft was supposed to be. 

I would recommend that you speak to your plastic surgeon about this and get their opinion on your management.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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