I have had radiesse filler put in my top lip and after 4 years it still there. How long can it stay in the lip?

What is the longest time it can stay in lips that you have heard or come across please?

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Radiesse in top lip

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When Radiesse is used in the malar cheeks it is injected just above the bone and will give an

improvement lasting one to two years on average. However Radiesse is not typically used in the lips. It does not flow as smoothly and is firmer in consistency than the hyaluronic acid fillers that are typically used, and would probably leave firm bumps if used in the relatively thin tissues of the lip. There is a filler that is
practically permanent and was used by some practitioners for lip enhancement, that is silicon. However it has many significant potential problems and I would not recommend it.

Hope this helps

Santa Monica Dermatologist

Radiesse 4 years later

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Radiesse is not what I prefer to use in the lips due to its thick consistency. Radiesse also causes your own collogen growth, that may be what you are experiencing. You should check with your injecting doctor to see if it was Radiesse used for your treatment. Radiesse normally lasts 1-2 years. 

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lip radiesse?

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Thanks for your question. 

I don't like using Radiesse in the lips- it's thick and can cause nodules. 

That being said, Radiesse causes collagen growth and remodeling- if you were injected 4 years ago this could be a byproduct of the collagen synthesis. It could be your new normal? Do you like it? 

If you're sure it was Radiesse that was injected that could be the situation, it could have been a perma filler if it wasn't. 

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

How long can Radiesse stay in lip?

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My preference is not to use Radiesse in the lip, as I feel there are other fillers that work better in that particular location.  I have not found Radiesse to last more than 1-2 years.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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