Voluminizing for Under Eye Bags?

Doctor, I am 46 years old with the worst undereye bags. I am considering a procedure to have them cured. How long does volumizing corrected undereye bags?

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Injectable fillers work well for lower eyelid "bags"

Most people with lower eyelid fullness focus only on the fullness. The reason you think it looks pronounced is that you probably have some loss of fat just below the bags. So from top to bottom, you see the bag, then a groove, then your cheek.

Filling lower eyelid grooves is one of the most satisfying procedures for my patients and me. There is usually no downtime, and this 20 minute office procedure can be performed painlessly with topical anesthetic. It restores lost volume to the area just below the bag, allowing it to blend into the cheek in a youthful fashion.

I rarely recommend surgery anymore for lower eyelid bags.

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

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