How Much Volume Can a Mandible/chin Augmentation Help Me to Gain, Compared to Where I Come From? (photo)

I'm 30-y.o. male with a rather narrow lower third of the face, steep mandibles/narrow chin. Can a jaw/chin augmentation literally add volume (esp. width) to my face, or is only shaping a more chiseled contour? I don't count on attaining a Superman jaw after placing an implant, but is it possible to gain an inch or so on each side? How much can facial tissue allow you to expand, I mean how big can one possible go when designing an implant? Could cheek implant help the overall impression as well?

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Cheek and Jawline Augmentation

The first thing to establish is to figure out how much change you think looks best on you. That would be done by looking at various facial changes by computer imaging. The amount of jawline augmentation that your tissues can tolerate is way beyond what you would aesthetically need and most likely even desire. So the issue is not one of can the goal be achieved but what exactly is the goal for both vertical and horizontal chin and jawline augmentation. Cheek implants for your face would be helpful, particularly if your jawline expands to keep your face proportionate.

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Chin jaw augmentation

A lateral photo would reveal more information.  You want to be conservative with these procedures so as not to deform your face.  An inch each side is way too much.  Implants and/ or jaw osteotomies can change the shape of the lower jaw with significant results.  See a surgeon who is well versed in jaw procedures.  Donald R. Nunn MD   Atlanta Plastic Surgeon. 


Donald Nunn, MD
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Chin augmentation versus angle of mandible

 from a quick look at your photographs I see pretty good bone structure and what appears to be a nice chin and jawline. If you want to augment the lower third of your face you might consider mandible implants at the angle of the mandible. If we had her profile picture of you it would probably be more helpful.

Chase Lay, MD
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How Much Volume Can a Mandible/chin Augmentation Help Me to Gain, Compared to Where I Come From?

 Aesthetically, from the photos provided, the Chin Implant should close the gap between the current chin projection and the ideal position for a male face.  This is well within the possibilities of a Chin Implant in my opinion and is something that I do quite frequently.  Radiesse injections to the Mandibular angle would create more facial angularity in my opinion.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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How Much Volume Can a Mandible/chin Augmentation Help Me to Gain, Compared to Where I Come From?

Your questions/issues are not for internet response! You need cephalmetric X-rays or MRI, measurements of the mandible and maxilla areas before ANY idea of which operation and size of implant could benefit you the most! 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Chin Augmentation

There are a number of possibilities including doing nothing. A lateral photograph would be a good place to start.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Jawline augmentation

The growth pattern you exhibit is naturally a bit 'weak' at the angles of the lower jaw; with a tapered look from the front. Ramal implants can properly balance the jawline with the middle face; and include the possibility of slight malar augmentation; but one has to be cautious to maintain a natural male appearance in that regard. Ramal implants of differing dimensions and materials yield varying results; so ensure you have a good appreciation prior to any procedure. Imaging can help 'you' but the surgeon can generally provide good imput based upon his/her experience

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
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