Procedure for Volume Loss on Tear Trough or Cheek?

Is there an injectable filler or procedure available that can smooth out or plump up the tear trough demarcation from the upper cheek to the under eye area for younger women?

I don’t think I'm experiencing volume loss in the lower orbital area yet (I’m 26), yet the fat in the uppermost portion of my cheeks seems to be disappearing, which is causing the tear trough indentation to become that more noticeable. I've read there is a rare risk of retinal artery occlusion when filler is placed under the eye -- can fillers be placed on top of the cheek instead?

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Filler is your best bet

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For the problem you describe, placing a filler of some form in the tear trough area is your best bet to camoflauge the demarcation between the lower lid and cheek to make it appear more smooth. Anytime you inject filler of any kind there is always a risk of embolization and occlusion, although the risk is very low if you do the procedure correctly. You would not want the filler placed superficially because this increases the risk of visible irregularities. I would start off with a hyaluronic acid to make sure you like the effect. If you don't it can be removed with hyaluronidase. If it suits you, a more permanent procedure with fat augmentation could be performed.

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