What Volume and Fill is Recommended for Large Stature and Build?

I am 5'10, weigh upwards of 200lbs. I am of large stature and frame. 36"A/38"A. I have been to a few consultations. The surgeons advise that I should get the minimum of 600cc to the max of 700cc implants overfilled to 775cc SALINE. I am worried that these sizes will be too large and appear fake and round. I am looking to achieve a large C to a small D cup size. I do not want to feel under or over done. What volume and fill is recommended for my stature and build?

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Optimal choice of implants for any individual

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Hi there-

IT seems you are hampered by lack of understanding of how best to choose implants...

I think you would benefit from reading this article on the topic.

Volume and fill is recommended for large stature

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Again NO Photos!!! My guess is that at least a 700 cc high profile saline. But it is only a guess. Seek 4 opinions. from boarded PS's.


" do not want to feel under or over done" - Getting a C cup or Bust...

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The fact that practically ANY size implant CAN usually be placed in the average woman's breast, does NOT mean that any implant would look attractive in the short- or the long term. Just like building a perfect home requires taking the surrounding landscape and more importantly the underlying ground into account, to get an attractive appearance augmented breast appearance the condition of the breast (size, symmetry, location on the chest wall, amount of breast tissue, skin looseness) and the shape, sloping and size of the chest need to be carefully considered.

ALL breast implants are imperfect. They can be felt under the breast skin and have ripples in their shells which may be felt and seen. (More in Saline implants than in Silicone gel implants). As a result, the more breast soft tissues than can be piled on the implants the less the shell and its ripples will be felt and seen. For this reason, in women with little breast tissue (A cup) gel implants would be better,  AND a natural look would limit the breast implant to a smaller size which could be covered by the present tissues making a very large implant unrealistic UNLESS we want to ditch the natural look in favor of larger breasts with a rather fake, "done" look. (I hasten to add that there is nothing wrong with the latter look as long as you understand the trade-off).

In your case, a large frame with A cup, I think silicone gel implants are definitely the way to go. They would provide a much more natural feel, lighter breasts (than same size saline implants) and less rippling. The actual size depends on just how "done" you want your breasts to look because you obviously do not have the breast tissue needed to cover large implants.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Huge breast implants age very badly.

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I recommend another opinion.  Doing breast augmentation in Manhattan, we never use implants larger than 500 cc's.  You will definitely look fake.  And why saline implants?  For 90% of women we use silicone implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Implant choices

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Choosing the right implant for you really depends upon your anatomy and a discussion of your desires.  This is somethiing done in consultation because everyone is so different.

What Volume and Fill is Recommended for Large Stature and Build?

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I would first recommend that you try sizers on so that you and tyour surgeon will have a mutual understanding of your goals.

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