What Volume is Actually Fat in the Waste Container?

I was initially told I would be injected with 500 cc of tumescent solution, and that 2.5 liters of fat would be removed. I am looking at the anesthesiologist records, and it says 2000 cc was infused. This was of a 0.1% lidocaine, + epinephrine . it says 3000 ml total aspirate volume supranatant fat 2800 ml volume infranatant blood tinged anesthetic 200 ml.. what is that? - does this mean I had only 1 liter of fat removed, not 2.5?

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What Volume is Actually Fat in the Waste Container

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This varies by technique, but it seems that the record notes that 3000 cc was the total amount aspirated by the liposuction device. The record notes that of that amount, 2800 cc was fat floating on 200 cc was other fluid. The amount of fat removed was 2800 cc. 


Most of the tumescent solution is absorbed by the body. The portion that is suctioned out is included in the 200 cc at the bottom of the cannister.

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