Voluma Juvederm for Cheeks. Is it Harmful to Do Another Round in a Month? (photo)

Hello, I just had 1 threatment with Juvederm Voluma last week with 1.0 cc per cheek (so 2.0 cc in totall for both cheeks), in the beginning on the first consult the doctor advised me to use 2.0cc per cheek, so 4.0cc in totall for both cheeks. I include some pictures taken today 1 week after the first threatment, I'm very happy with the results. My question is: Is it harmfull to my face if I do another follow up threatment in 1 month? If I do so, is it going to look unnatural or fake?

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Flash changes the appearance.

In the first and last photos posted, your eyelids seem somewhat swollen, whereas in the second picture they do not. This may be a photo issue.

In general, adding filler in a month is not a problem. And if over filling is performed, it can be removed with an enzyme injection [hyaluronidase].

However, to be quite honest, in your case, its difficult to make an assessment based on your photos.

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Voluma - how much is too much?

It would not be unsafe for you to get more Voluma in your cheeks.  I think you were wise to start conservatively. If you are happy there is no need to get more. We advise our patients to start slowly. Men in particular need to be careful about aesthetic enhancements that, if "overdone" could potentially feminize the face.  If you are doubt, don't do any more. If at some point you would like more, add more slowly. 

Michael Law, MD
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Is it harmful to do another round of Juvederm Voluma a month after the last treatment?

It really depends on the individual's needs. It's fine to do more as long as the need is there.  We often stage the treatments a few weeks apart if a patient wants to take it slow and make gradual changes. From your photos, It appears you could still use more volume in the mid face so I would not hesitate doing more filler in your mid face. 

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Voluma Juvederm for Cheeks. Is it Harmful to Do Another Round in a Month?

 I perform quite a large number of Cheek Augmentation using either temporary fillers (Perlane) or permanently with Cheek Implants.  From the photos, aeshetically speaking, your cheeks are very flat.  You certainly could have more filler (Voluma) without issue but with this degree of flatness, a Cheek Implant may be a better option for you in the long run.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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