Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution - Safe Long Term?

My GP prescribed me with a bottle of Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution to help manage the pain of my dry eyes. The current plan is for me to use this eye drop indefinitely, possibly for the remainder of my life since it doesn't appear at this point in time that I can be cured from my meibomian gland dysfunction. Is this safe? Thank you.

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Voltaren and dry eyes

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Generally yes. Voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like Motrin or Advil. There is new evidence that NSAIDs may alleviate some of the symptoms experienced with dry eyes and may decrease the inflammatory causes of dry eye. Remember that newer treatments and medicines are continually being developed. Dry eyes continue to be a leading cause of eye problems especially as we age.

New York Ophthalmologist

Voltaren for dry eyes

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I would strongly recommend that you see an ophthalmologist.  The long term use of non-steroidals is not the standard of care.  Full treatment of your dry eyes should include tears, ointments, flax seed oil, Restasis and punctal plugs.  Voltaren is not part of my treatment for dry eye symptoms.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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