Vivera Retainer is Moving Tooth?

I am done with my invisalign treatment and am into vivera retainers. When I wear the retainer at night it moves one lower tooth. I put on my last refinement aligner, and it puts it back in place. Were my vivera retainers molded wrong?

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Vivera Retainer is Moving Tooth?

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I know exactly what you are talking about. This is extremely frustrating for you and your doctor. Make sure to tell your doctor asap and take you retainer and your last tray in to your appointment. Continue to wear the tray you fee holds you best.

When you compare the trays can you see a visible difference on the tooth you are talking about. If you see it that will help.

What you are experiencing isn't supposed to be able to happen. There are a few ways it can happen. It is important your doctor listen to you and investigate with the company. Invisalign will likely not charge him if there was an error in their process.

Even the best technology isn't always 100%, yet.

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