Vitrase Amount to Dissolve Juvederm?

How much Vitrase is needed to reduce 2 cc of Juvederm that was injected into the upper lip? Should an anagelstic be added to the vitrase?

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2 cc of JUVEDERM?

No wonder you are looking for answers on how to dissolve the Juvederm. 2cc into the upper lip is more than 2 full syringes! Most patients get at MOST 1.6 cc to BOTH upper and lower lips (average being 0.8cc to both).

You likely will need to get it dissolved. The answer on how much, is best left to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon who you choose to do this procedure, as the doctor makes the decision when the individual case is seen, and doses can vary widely. It can range from 10 units to mild over-injections to 150 units for excess injections. There is no pat answer here. My guess is at least 75 units for you. But it is a just guess without seeing you.

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Upper Lip Juvederm

I agree with Dr. Lupo's comments.  2 mL of Juvederm into the upper lip alone will lead to a bizarre look.  Most likely, about 200 units of vitrase will be required.  This can be repeated after 72 hours of results aren't satisfactory

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Start Small

Usually, just a topical is needed for Vitrasse.

Small amounts can directly be injected into lumps if that is the issue.

Total dissolution may take 150 to 200 units and will likely need more than one treatment session.

I agree with Dr. Lupo. 2 cc is a lot for an upper lip.

Keith Denkler, MD
Marin Plastic Surgeon
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