I Have Vitiligo for the Last 10 Years. I Take PUVA. Which Facial is Best?

I have vitiligo. I take PUVA for the last 10 years. Spots come and go. Repigmentation now and then with new spots when I stop treatment. Skin is very dry and I have become shades darker. I also have Hypothyriod and I am on daily medication. I am lacrose intolerant. How do I care for my skin? What type of facial would you reccommend?

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Vitiligo and facials

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Vitiligo is often associated with thyroid problems, as they are both auto-immune problems by their nature. That said, there is no specific facial that is ideal for vitiligo...this is best to discuss with your dermatologist or sometimes medical aesthetician as they would determine the type of facial based on your skin type, time of year, skin sensitivities, etc. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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