Vitamin C, vitamin E, multivitamins and all herbal medications should also be stopped two weeks prior to surgery?

I just found this on my surgeon's website. Every other website I read says that vitamin C is good and should be started before surgery. I take 1000 iu every day. Should I stop? I was also planning on taking some B vitamins.

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Stopping all multivitamins or herbal medications 2 weeks prior to surgery

Rhinoplasty surgeons all have different preoperative instructions based on their experience, so it is best to check with your surgeons office first. In our practice, we ask patients refrain from taking all vitamins and herbal medications, aspirin and non steroidal anti-inflammatories, so as not to interfere with anesthesia or bleeding times.  We are trying to avoid a nose bleed situation in the postoperative course.

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Herbal Medications prior to surgery

Dear PreciousPug,

All surgeons have different criteria on what their patients can and cannot take prior to surgery. I would ask your surgeon's office about the Vitamin C and Vitamin B supplements. Those are considered herbal medications since they are not regulated by the FDA so it is always better to check with your surgeon directly on their preferences. Good luck with your surgery!

Richard A. Bartlett, MD
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