Will Vitamin C Serum or Licorice Root Extract After IPL Help Repair Capillaries?

Hello, I recently had an ipl treatment for redness and some broken capillaries on my nose. Can I use a vitamin c serum or a serum containing licorice root extract after the treatment? Will the vit C or the licorice root repair the blood capillaries that the ipl treatment is supposed to damage and make disappear i.e. Be counterproductive to the wanted desired results? Or will it just repair the damaged dermis and cause a desired effect of less redness and less visible blood capillaries?

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Unclear that rubbing anything on skin after IPL will make a difference.

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I am not sure what your goal is in trying to put Vitamin C on your nose after IPL. I would rather recommend that you use sunscreen and stay out of sun for a month or two while the IPL results are taking effect. After that, you can use antioxidants and continue to work on reversing more sun damage.

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