Can I Use Vitamin E Oils (E.g. Palmer's) on my Scars While I Am on Accutane?

I have been on Accutane since January. I had very serious acne, now gone, but their places are still very visible. Can I use vitamin E oils, like e.g. the Palmer's one? Wouldn't it cause any more damage to the skin?

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Using Vitamin E post Accutane

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What you are describing is PIH - post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - that happens after some acne lesions. Over time this discoloration should go away on its own but you can use Vitamin E if you'd like. I don't find it does much of anything, but it won't hurt you if that's the concern. Prescriptions like hydroquinone or light IPL or Cutera Genesis are preferable and would be better, but PIH does resolve on its own in most cases. You need to make sure you're using a good sunscreen daily as well.

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