Is a Vitalize Peel Without Retinoic Acid Normal?

I had a vitalize peel done by a dermatologist, but it appears she did not apply the 3rd step, which was the retinoic acid. There was no yellow tinge to my skin and she did not instruct me to wait before washing my face. Everything that I had read about the skinmedica vitalize peel described yellowing of the skin, and having to wait at least 2 hours before washing your face. I have put a call into the office, but have still not heard back. I am irritated, because it cost $225

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Vitalize Peel Without Retinoic Acid

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The Retinoic Acid is an important last step in the peel process.  The Vitalize Peel by Skin Medica has specific steps that have been designed to help each patient.  You should call your office to express your concerns and see if the peel was used following the recommended protocol.

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Vitalize Peel

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Thank you for your question. You should consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist (get another opinion if necessary) or Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in peels for a skin evaluation and ask the questions you have. Peels are an art form, and each practitioner adjusts things to maximize safety, and efficiency at the same time. I hope this helps.

Not the standard for Vitalize Peel

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What really makes the Vitalize Peel work so well is the layer of retinoic acid (0.3-0.4%) that is added as the last step.  Without it, you just had a modified Jessner Peel (Vitalize has less resorcinol than a standard Jessner but Skin Medica won't tell the percentage).  Jessners are good peels but you won't see the same amount of peeling or pigmentation improvement as with the Vitalize with retinoic.  I would keep calling that doc.  If this was your first Vitalize, it is typical to use less of the Jessner part but never to skip the retinoic. 

No it is not

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Retinoic Acid is the most important step at the end of the vitalize peel. By skipping this step you won’t get the full benefit of the peel. If you your skin didn’t have a yellowish look immediately after the peel, most likely you did not get any retinoic acid. In addition you shouldn’t wash your face until the next morning not only a couple hours after the treatment. We charge $150 for the peel, or a package of five for $500.

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