Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin? (photo)

My dermatologist recomended the procedure of the vitalize peel for some brown spots I have and gave me the PCA post procedure kit but somehow when I apply the moisturizer and sunscreen my face BURNS And goes really red, it even left like burned patches on my chin, I am not sure whether to stop using it because moisture is needed after a peel... HELP!

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Post Peel

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Thank you for your question. What you are describing does not sound abnormal for a peel, it may have been a little harsh if your skin was not prepped ahead of time. I would recommend going back to your provider for a follow up. Make sure you are staying out of the sun and not peeling or scrubbing off any skin that is sloughing off.

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Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin

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Best plan is to see or call your peeling doc ASAP for treatment guidelines. All peels can cause irritation but if you are shaving issues than you need to be seen... 

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