Vitalize Peel Side Effects?

hi im a 31 yr old puertorican, white complexion, i just had a vitalize peel a little more than a month ago, at the beginning was fine but like a week ago i see like a circular scar and look whiter tan my skin,i live in killeen tx,i went to a local spa and they want to do another one because they say it's nothing, that they cant see it,can i do one more or i should stay away?

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Generally this peel is so mild, it should not create an issue...

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Having said that, unique sensitivity to skin products is nothing new.  You are aware of a subtle issue as a result of the peel.  Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this peel.  Don't go back to your local spa that harmed you.  Seek out a board certified dermatologist for a personal consultation.  Please keep in mind that you may have very sensitive skin and react differently than others.  An experienced dermatologist will be able to take this into consideration.

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Chemical Peels

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Peels can have side effects. Lightening of the skin can be one of these. As a general rule, I would suggest that if you feel that you have had an unwanted side effect from treatment, you should avoid doing that treatment again. There are lots of other ways to improve your skin condition.

Hugh McLean, MD
Mississauga Plastic Surgeon

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