What Will Be the Visual Risks in my Touch-up Lipo Procedure?

I weigh 116 lbs. and had smart lipo on my saddle bag area. It has been 3 months, and my doctor is planning to do a bit more suction in those areas with regular lipo using a smaller cannula. What risks are involved in the appearance of my result using the regular lipo method?

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Liposuction on a previously treated area

Risks of liposuction when done with tumescent liposuctiton without laser-assisted liposuction, are the same but without the added risk of a burn from the laser energy.  You might get over resection or an indentation , uneveness, unequal sides, sensitivity, numbness in areas, infection and other risks including but not limited to hyperpigmentation in the insertion scars. Small cannulae are important to finesse the procedure and obtain the best result. sometimes fat injections are used to correct indentations that resulted from the first procedure.

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The risks of liposuction are greatly reduced by using smaller canulas and local anesthesia.

The risks of any liposuction is minimized by using smaller canulas under local anesthesia thereby giving usually better results although the cost may be higher with this technique because of the time and skill involved in it.

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Visual risks in my touch-up lipo procedure

The risks really need to be addressed with the surgeon. But general risks are you will be either happy or un happy. Dents, irregular areas, wrinkles in the skin, etc. can occur. A photo would have helped to discuss with you in more detail.


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