Can 1 surgery be performed to remove a 53x34x27mm lipoma superior to the bellies of supraspinatus & infraspinatus muscles?

The lipoma is located in between an extensive full thickness tear of the entire supraspinatus tendon with moderate retraction of the torn tendon and mild atrophy of the belly of the supraspinatus muscle. I have been advised that I need immediate shoulder arthroscopy surgery to repair the tear and a separate surgery to remove the lipoma tumor. I also have a large solid mass of "fatty tumors" at the base of my neck between my shoulders which are extremely painful while I am in a vertical position.

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Removal of lipoma

Removal of lipoma can be done in a single session regardless of size and location; whether or not you will need orthopedic intervention should be determined after you have healed. You may not need any further intervention once the lipoma is removed.

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Can 1 surgery be performed to remove a 5.3x3.4x2.7cm lipoma?

Thank you for sharing your question.  I would speak with your orthopedic surgeon and discuss removal of the lipoma at the time of your rotator cuff repair surgery.  They should be able to use suction and an arthroscopic burr to remove the lipoma prior to the repair.  I would leave the other lipomas at the base of your neck for another surgery.  Hope this helps.

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