Botox Injections for My Crows Feet, and I'm Having Vision/Focusing Issues?

Two weeks ago I recieved botox injections for my crows feet and lines under my eye About 3 days later my vision began to change. Its hard to explain but the best way i can descibe it would be that i cant focus my eyes on a object. It almost feels like my eyes arent 'tracking' togather. I went to my eye doctor and she found nothing wrong. Could this be from the botox and if so how long till the effects wear off?

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Eyelid muscle weakness with Botox injections

eyelid muscles are made purposely to relax or weaken, temporarily, when treating the crows feet.  If injected close to the lower eyelid there may be diffusion to affect some of the extraocular muscles that help move the eye not the eyelid.  These muscles can create double vision if there is an asymmetric relaxation (more relaxed on one side than another).  This type of side effect is expected to go away by itself but may take many weeks.

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It is certainly possible that this is a minor BOTOX side-effect.

Mild asthenia (caused by eye muscle weakness) after BOTOX is a well described symptom that can occur.  Generally these symptoms are short lived.  If you have the side-effect once, it is more likely that you will experience this side effect each time you are treated.  If it is bothersome, I would recommend that you avoid cosmetic botulinum toxin again in the future.

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Botox Injections for My Crows Feet, and I'm Having Vision/Focusing Issues?

 If the eye doctor can't find any decrease in EOM function or visual field testing you might contact Allergan to see if they have any suggestions.  

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