Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole life, socially and work-wise. I have been told I not a candidate for PIOL because my anterior chamber depth is too small (around 2.5mm). This has led me to consider a partial correction with lasik/lasek/wavefront or multifocal IOL. I want to do what I can to improve my situation now, but wouldn't want to make things worse. Thanks for you feedback.

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Vision Correction Options for Highly Farsighted Individuals

LASIK is not a great option for you given your prescription.  You could undergo correction with IOL surgery and then if needed, have an enhancement with LASIK or PRK if you are really bothered by your vision.  I would recommend that you seek the care of a specialist in both areas, be fully educated about the results following the procedure.  Achieving wonderful, life changing results is definitely probable but risks do exist and you must understand them as well.

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Phakic IOL vs LASIK vs LASEK vs Wavefront vs multifocal IOL

if you were my patient i would perform hyperopic astigmatic LASEK in you, which would be perfectly safe. i could easily get rid of your astigmatism in both eyes. you might have a bit of residual hyperopia in the right eye, because my VISX laser can reliably treat up to +6. however, this isn't worrisome, as if you had +1 of hyperopia leftover, we could just do a touch-up and get rid of the +1 in a second laser treatment of the right eye that would take about 10 seconds and be free, anyway (i don't charge for enhancements)

you would need MMC intraop, or you might scar. you would also need to take Vit C for a few months after, steroid pills for a week after, and steroid drops for a few months after or you might scar, especially because you live in Australia, with intense sun (i have visited)

you are mixing up wavefront, which is a way to shoot the laser, with the procedure, which is the way to access the cornea, btw

a multifocal IOL would not fix your problem

good luck and go to someone who only does laser is my suggestion, and is doing over 1,000 cases a year, not someone who mostly does cataract surgery and only does 100 lasers per year, as your case is somewhat challenging

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