Vision Become Blurry After Lasik?

I am 34 years old. I have Lasik(nearsight) done on Nov. 26 2012. After the procedure, my vision become 1.0. Though after about two weeks, my vision become blurry. that I even have hard time to read document or anything on the computer. Also I can't see far that well either. I wonder did I get infection or my vision went down again after the procedure? Even after I put the eye drop in my eyes, it still blurry.

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LASIK Enhancement

A small percentage of patients who have LASIK should expect to require an enhancement or fine-tuning procedure to obtain their best vision.  The higher is the initial prescription, the greater is the chance of needing a second procedure.  In my office, we wait until three months for the eyes to stabilize before we do such a procedure.  I suggest that you talk to your surgeon to find out if this could help you.

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