Are Visio-Lign Veneers the Best Dental Veneers in the Market ? What's PMMA ?

I've heard of a new Veneering sytem made out of PMMA called Visio-lign they say it in-destructable and life like a smile from God ! I would like more info.

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Porcelain veneers can give you the smile from God!!

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Visio-Lign is a product line that encompasses materials and teeth that are used in fabrication of dental prosthesis.  This is not a material that can be "glued" or bonded to a tooth.  The PMMA is Poly-methyl Methacrylate, which is an acrylic material used for many dental application including provisional veneers and crowns but never permanently bonded to teeth.

Visio-Lign can be used on dentures or implant supported prosthesis for veneers on teeth your best bet is porcelain that is custom created for your particular situation.


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