Visible Viens on Front of Legs, That Bulge Sometimes. What Are My Options? (photo)

I have always been a vieny person. After the birth of my son I now have dark blue viens on my legs and chest and they bulge sometimes. I'm not sure if these could be treated. I'm very self concious. I don't know anyone except older people whose viens do this. I'm 35 yrs. old. I use to run quite a bit now maybe 2miles 3x a week. Can having bigger muscles contribute to this?

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Varicose veins on the front of the legs

These veins overy the tibia (the bone) and also the tibialis anterior muscle and would be too painful to treat with microphlebectomy. The ideal treatment is foam sclerotherapy. Expect good outcomes with foam sclerotherapy and watch The Doctors TV Show special on foam sclerotherapy by (none other than my brother, the vein specialist, Dr. RAFFY Karamanoukian).

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