No Visible Swelling After Mini-lift Could Internal Swelling Be Causing Problems?

I had a mini lower facelift and platysmaplasty 11 weeks ago. (board certified experienced, ps) I'm still having a lot of discomfort (constant pressure, tightness and pulling) around both ears but especially the right. At times on the right side the tightness also radiates down the side of my neck. Right ear also occasionally feels plugged up. My ps says internal swelling is causing the problem although externally everything looks perfect. Plausible? If so, what are options for relief? Thank you.

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Swelling After Mini Lift

Thank you for your question. As the lower face is lifted, the point of attachment is the area below the ear, and gravity form the upper face drains fluid into this area, and there can be a feeling of fullness in this area. This can put pressure on the ear area. You may want to intermittently wear the compression garment on your face or at least at night to decrease some of the fluid in the area. I hope this helps.

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Discomfort after Facelift and Plugged Ears

      With regard to tightness, this almost always resolves with tincture of time.  Massage may be useful as well, if your plastic surgeon is OK with that option.      If your surgeon has examined you and your ears and he or she is certain that there is no obstruction or problem with that ear, then this may get better with time.  However, if your surgeon is not comfortable assessing this problem, see another surgeon who can.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Tightness and Ear plugged after Minifacelift


At this point feeling tightness is normal. Over time 3 to 6 months this tightness will resolve. As far as the ear goes, you probably have some impacted wax with dried blood from the surgery. This not uncommon if the surgeon did not use an ear plug to protect against blood going in the ear. It is easily remedied by removing the wax.



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