Visible Scars on Lower Eyelid

My surgery was a year ago.The doctor used catgut stitches on my lower lids and now I have huge white scarring. I also have a thick dark discolored strip that runs the length of the bottom of my eye and above the scar. I cannot close my eyes completely and am presently receiving Fraxel laser scar treatment and wearing a silicon strip at night. I have had three treatments spaced four weeks apart. Minor improvement. My wounds are very obvious. I am becoming more reclusive and self-conscious. What treatments do you recommend?

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Fraxel therapy doesn't help scars.

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If you are a year out from lower eyelid surgery and the scar is a real issue, something is wrong.  I do not believe Fraxel treatment will do you any good and you certainly should be able to close your eyes by now.  Time for another opinion.

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