How Visible is the Scar from an Upper Bleph During First Few Months?

Being technical here, how visible is the scar when looking down (downgaze)? I know that it can't be seen in normal gaze.

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Upper blepharoplasty incision scars resolve in a few months

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Whenever there is an incision, there will be a scar.  Thankfully, the thin eyelid skin heals very well and with time the scar will nearly completely fade.  By 3 months, these scars are nearly always imperceptible.  Should the scar be visible, a steroid injection or a chemical or laser peel may help decrease the visibility of the scar.

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Upper lid scar in the first few months

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You are concerned about your scar in downward gaze, but not with your eye open.

It may take 6 months or more until your upper lid scar softens and fades when your eye is closed.

Be patient.

Dr R Sadove

Richard Sadove, MD
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Scar from Upper Blepharoplasty Visability During First Few Months

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Hi LA,

The scar from upper blepharolplasty may take 4 to 8 weeks to be not noticeable in downward gaze.  It takes time for the erythema (redness) and for the tiny bumps in the skin that commonly occur where the sutures passed through the skin to resolve.  Patients can use make-up after a week or so.  Fractionated CO2 or erbium laser can help the scar disappear more rapidly.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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