Visible Edges/lines on Skin from Previous Cheek Implants Even After Perfect Fit Revision, Will Tissue Retract?

I had poorly fitting implants for over a year, they had visible edges particularly just under the outside of my eye. The edges were very obvious & palpable. The revision (my 2nd) is better X5, however I can still see the lines from the edges (although less so) in my soft tissue in that area. I can't for the life of me feel any implant surface that would justify the lines, I can't even tell bone from implant so I'm thinking its just that the skin hasn't retracted? Will this happen? When?

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Cheek Implant Capsule Outline

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What you are referring to is the visible edge of the remaining capsule from the original position of the cheek implant. It may eventually resolve as the capsule shrinks as it shrinks down around the new position of the implant. This may take up to six months or longer to occur.

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