Would Gentle YAG Work for a Visible Dark Vein Under my Eye? (photo)

I've had this vein under my eye for around 2 years now, i was wondering if GentleYAG treatment would work for this ive been doing research and seems like this would be the only choice.. i have attached a picture thanks.

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A better bet is sclerotherapy

YAG tends to work better on very small red veins and broken capillaries. For veins of this size, first, it hurts tremendously, and second, if anything, it usually sends the vein into a spasm so it might disappear for a bit, and return very soon after. Your best bet for something easy and permanent is a minor procedure called sclerotherapy (or asclera), where a solution is injected into the vein that destroys it. Larger veins may take a session or two, but they will be destroyed. I wouldn't recommend YAG. I think it will be tremendously painful and ineffective for a vein of this size and location.

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