I Have Very Visible 1 Cm Scars at the Sides of Both my Eyes After Mid-face Lift Surgery. Is This Normal?

My surgeon says it is normal to perform incisions in this way, but I have researched and online the view is that ''the incisions made for the mid-face lift are well-hidden inside of the mouth, along the lash line of the lower eye lid and/or within the hairline, resulting in small well-concealed scars.'' I also have subsilea scars under the eye lashes of both eyes, but the scars on the side of my eyes are extremely visible. My surgeon says they'll heal fully. Please advise me about this.

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Scars after a cheek lift procedure

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Early after surgery, things often look alarming.  Fortunately with time and a little TLC, the vast majority of scars don't require any revision at all.

Hopefully you will keep in close touch with your surgeon, put on creams, gels, and do lasers as necessary to optimize healing.

Sometimes patience during the healing process is the best approach!

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Eyelid incisions for midface lift do fade

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A true mid-face lift is done through incisions along the lower eyelash margins with short extensions into the lateral crow's foot area. The other procedures you describe through the mouth and the temple are not the same and do not achieve the same results. It sounds like you had the best operation and will get the best possible results. It is true that the lateral part of the incisions is visible for a longer time than the part right under the lashes. Using scar cream is fine but mainly just be patient. You may need to use a "dab" of concealer in that area for several months or longer, but they will eventually fade.

Diana L. Elias MD

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Trust Your Surgeon.

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Congratulations on your midface lift! Without a photo, I can't accurately comment on the scars you describe. But it sounds like you've talked about this with your surgeon and he/she is not concerned. The lateral canthal extension of the subciliary incision typically fades into the crows feet lines and ultimately becomes invisible. There are topical scar creams and gels that can help in instances of scars that are healing poorly - talk with your surgeon about the utility of these in your case. Generally speaking, scars in this location can be red for a few weeks or even months, but try not to be anxious. Trust your surgeon. Enjoy your result! -Dr. Capone

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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