Visible Bumps After Rhinoplasty

90th day after my rhinoplasty. After 30 days, I was thrilled with the results. Then I noticed small bumps on the bony part of my nose and only on one side. Those bumps have grown in size in 2 months, now prominent and visible. My nose looks distinctly asymmetric. Surgeon tells me its normal, and also about revision surgery. I'm very upset and depressed! Surgeon mentioned calluses. What is the function of calluses? Do calluses melt away over time or do they transform into hard bone? What can I do to help calluses go away?

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Bumps after Rhinoplasty

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The bumps are probably not getting bigger, but are more obvious because of decreased swelling. If they do not resolve in another 6 months your surgeon can rasp (file) them to smooth the surface.

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Calluses after rhinoplasty

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Bone occasionally heals with thickened areas when it's been cut or wounded (such as with rhinoplasty, broken noses, etc.). Some of these smooth and flatten over time (6 months to a year) and some do not. It may be too early to tell whether the calluses will persist and how severe they may be. For minor ones, there are sometimes surprisingly simple in-offices fixes for them, so don't fear that you'll necessarily require going back to the O.R.

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Visible Bumps After Rhinoplasty

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Massage may help, but  patience and time are the best remedies for boney calluses a few months after rhinoplasty.  Sometimes a small amount of filler may be injected to help blend the asymmetry.  Try to avoid being too upset and depressed, things will work out.

Good luck and be well.

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Lumpy nose

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Your problem is not unusual.  Early after nasal surgery, the skin swelling produces a well padded "quilt" over all the work that has been done on your bones and cartilage.  As the swelling subsides, many times there are irregularities that become palpable and even visible.  The healing of the nasal bones occurs by the formation of callus; meaning that the body puts a layer of new bone on top of the areas that have been broken and/or filed down during the surgery.  This is normal.  Over time, the body flattens and smoothens these areas.  This may take up to a year or so, at times.

Revisions can be performed, but most surgeons will wait up to a year to give your body enough time to finish its work.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
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Bumps after rhinoplasty.

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These "bumps" will probably go away, but healing isn't complete for 6-12 months. At that time lyour surgeon may want to file down any irregularity.

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