I Have Very Visible Asymmetric Breasts with There Being 1 Nipple Facing Downwards, I Am Thinking About Surgery?

Hello I'm a 19 year old girl soon to be 20 but I have a problem with my breasts which has been really putting me down for the last 4 years. The women in my family generally have big breasts and I have followed suit being a 34GG but that is for one cup, my left breast being a E cup. I am considering going to my doctor and seeing if there is anyway surgically they can look at least a bit more similar and my nipples places properly, what surgeries are there? Thank you

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Asymmetric and overly large breasts

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It is difficult to suggest anything specific without a photo or exam, but the least surgery would involve adjusting the size and nipple-areola position of the larger breasts for the purpose of symmetry only. Most plastic surgeons would probably recommend reducing both breasts in an unequal way such that the result was more normal sized and symmetric breasts. In the absence of requirements by insurance or government programs, this could still leave the breasts a D cup size as long as the patient understood that even a D cup is an out-of-proportion breast that can cause problems due to excess weight relative to the patient's frame. 

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