Can upper eyelid blepharoplasty cause tightness and raise the eyebrows? (photos)

I was diagnosed with ptosis in the right eye and had blepharoplasty surgery in March. It is now 5 months post surgery and the tightness in my eye remains. I also noticed my right eyebrow looks raised at all times. It makes my face look far worse then what it did prior to surgery. Will a revision correct this??

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When you have an upper eyelid blepharoplasty it does not raise the eyebrows it actually lowers the eyebrows. 

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Blepharoplasty will not fix the ptosis which you still have in the right eye.  When the lid is low, the brow will elevate to try and help open the eye.  You should see an oculoplastic specialist to evaluate the eyelid muscles and determine what surgery would be best to elevate the eyelid. 

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Why is my eyelid low and my brow high?

Eyelid ptosis is a lowering of the eyelid itself in relation to the pupil. You unknowingly lift your brow on that side as compensation. Surgery on the eyelids and around the eyes is complex. That is why its important to trust a surgeon who specializes in that area.

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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.

The right side is a bit heavier than the left side.  There is a compensatory brow elevation.  If your prior surgeon only performed a blepharoplasty, then that is not sufficient to fix the underlying ptosis and it can actually expose the eyelid and make the situation look worse.  This is fixable but you need an actual ptosis surgery.  You need to be evaluated for bilateral ptosis surgery.  You appear to have a levator dehiscence ptosis.  A detailed consultation will determine the best approach to repairing your upper eyelid.  Often correcting this allow the eyebrow to relax.

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Blepharoplasty is not the surgery used to correct ptosis

blepharoplasty is surgery to remove excess skin (sometimes muscle and fat) from the eyelids. It does not correct ptosis, which is an issue with the levator muscle. Your right brow is higher because your brain is struggling to even out the image between your left and right eyes, compensating for the ptosis. I doubt it was caused by the blepharoplasty, which if anything will pull the eyebrow down slightly. Good news is, yes, levator ptosis can be fixed through the same incision as your blepharoplasty. 

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