I had a tummy tuck 26 months ago & I have indentation in my hips. I think the Doctor removed too much skin?

My stomach is still very tight and my hip bones stick out even though my hips are deep. Im not sure if that makes sense? I havent seen another person look like me, even the ones that are considered normal and botched.

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Contour irregularities after a tummy tuck

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can certainly occur and most issue are fixable with office revisions.  Did you mention this to your surgeon at your very last visit when photos are usually taken?  Have you had any weight fluctuations since your procedure where you lost more weight?  Bottom line, you must see a surgeon for an evaluation of your concerns and to get reasonable options from which you can choose.

Examination and photos

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You should seek consultation from your surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon. You should also post a photo to get more accurate feedback of your concerns.


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You are over 2 years and it sounds like you need to go back to your surgeon or local expert to discuss your concerns.    You need an examination to determine what is going on.    Good luck. 

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