What is wrong with my brow? (Photos)

I'm a 33 year old female and I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my eyebrows. In the last few months, I've noticed my eyebrows falling down lower and sticking out on the sides. There also seems to be sagging on my upper lids.My eyes aren't deep set and, in profile,my forehead seems smooth without bulging. If I pinch the skin or push it up the bulge goes away and the brow bone, underneath, feels flat. What exactly is going on and how can it be fixed?

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Sagging brows in young female.

Because of gravity brows tend to fall with age. You are seeing this now and the brows will drop further with aging. This can be corrected with a brow lift done by a very experienced browllift surgeon.

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Lowering brows

Hi Angieree,

It's hard to say exactly what's happening here.  It's likely that your brows have been gradually changing shape and maybe it's in the last few months that you've noticed it?  We do get descent of our brows sometimes with aging, weight loss, hormonal changes, or fatigue.  We can sometimes in addition lose fat in our temples which makes it look as though our lateral brows bulge against a slightly hollowed temple.  Alternately, the upper lid can be puffy with allergies, diet changes, hormones, or sleep issues that can cause some distortion.  Sadly - it's too complex an area for a diagnosis to be accurate with photos only.  Does it get worse as the day goes on?  Do your lids feel heavy? Have you noticed any vision changes? All good questions that can help figure this out.  My bottom line recommendation is to see someone face to face.  Best of Luck!

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