Could I Get Breast Aug, Lipo, And Butt Implants All At Once?

Is there any way that I could get breast augmentation, buttocks implants, & lipo suction to my hip sides (love handles) all at ones? I know I could have the first 2 done in one surgery, which are the breast and butt implants but how about the side hips at the same surgery? Possible? Can I sleep on the areas where I had work on during my recovery? Thanks a lot all

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Could I Get Breast Aug, Lipo, And Butt Implants All At Once?

I think that combination is reasonable with the right surgeon.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Combining Breast and Buttock Implants Makes For A Difficult Recovery

While all three can be done together, it would make for a difficult recovery. Combining four implantation sites which involves the large pectoral and gluteus muscles is likely more than you may imagine. Flank liposuction can be done with either breast augmentation or the buttock implant procedure. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and Buttock Implants in one surgery

Thanks for your question.  In a healthy patient, yes the above combo can be done in one procedure.  I have performed this combo on select patients safely and effectively in the past and is a fairly popular combo.  During recovery, it is important not to place pressure on either the breast implants or the gluteal implants, so you will have to sleep on your sides (like in a fetal position) for about 3-4 weeks.  In my practice, I typically perform liposuction on the flanks and the lumbosacral area to produce a more aesthetic narrower waistline and have that sweep upwards from the buttocks to the lower back.

Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Aug, Buttock Implants, and Liposuction Combo

Indeed this can all be done in the same surgery on an otherwise healthy patient.  In fact about 50% of my patients benefit from lipo-sculpture of the "love handles" at the same time as buttock implants.  This creates a more slender waist line which, by itself, enhances the appearance of the buttock.  The difficult part is the combination of the breast and buttock implants at the same time because this leaves only one option for sleeping and resting - on the back primarily.  Nonetheless, patients are typically able to tolerate this and recover as well as most others whom just have buttock implants.  Glad to help... 

Ryan Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Combined surgery

Hello again Ana, As I answered you before, technically and time wise, it is possible to do all your surgeries in one setting. However, recovery will be very difficult for you. You will not be able to sleep on your stomach or on your back or on your sides. You will be able to sit, but you will have to be leaning forward , to take the pressure off  the incision between the cheeks. So , in short, I do not recommend it. Your best option is breast augmentation and lipo in one surgery and butt implants in another one. Cosmetic surgery is purely ellective and you need to reduce complicaions to a minimum. Splitting the surgeries in 2 sessions will do it. All the best , Dr Widder.

Shlomo Widder, MD
McLean Plastic Surgeon
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Combination Surgery

Any of these surgeries, breast augmentation, Butt implant and liposuction require attention to details to achieve a super results and liposuction is not just taking out fat, it is a body contouring surgery that details are very important. These combinations can be done provided the above is followed and choosing the right size implants for both the breast and the butt, choosing the right surgeon with appropriate credentials, accredited facility, and an MD anesthesiologist. One needs to minimize the potential for complications, with the aim of the best results that both the surgeon and the patients are proud of.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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