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With butt implants being the latest trend in helping women to achieve their desired confidence, I am curious to know from certified surgeons which procedure is best for long term result and less abnormal complications? Dose the procedure technique that is used depend on body type, ethnicity,etc or is it based off the clients desired results and lifestyle.

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Butt enhancement procedures

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Current buttocks enhancement procedures that are safe and effective include:1)buttocks implant2)buttocks fat grafting3)buttocks liftPlease see results of above three modalities below.

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Yes, every patient is different. My preference is to use fat for buttock augmentation, but some patients do not have enough fat to give them the desired shape and so implants are there only option.

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Butt implants

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  Hello again Virginian,   I have answered your questions in regard to implants' rejection and drains. I am glad to continue and answer your additional excellent questions. Implants size and shape selection depends on patients' desire and body measurement as well as the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the procedure, because custom made implants cost much more. Ethnic background or culture background are part of the personal desire, as far as size and shape of the butt.   I have performed butt implants surgery on well over 500 patients (recently 1-2 a week) and the implants that I use are ultra soft oval round (for even butt) or oval bubble butt (butt full up top and flat at the bottom), silicone implants made by AART. The technique that I use is sub fascia (on top of the muscle), which allow for a very natural looking butt, since the pocket can be dissected from the posterior Iliac bone crest (where the Gluteal muscles attach) superiorly , down to above the crease inferiorly and laterally to the hips' curve. That techniques create very nice 'S' curve (shelf) and attractive full hips' curves. That can not be achieved with the intra muscular technique , which does not allow for big implants as well. Additionally, the later technique is more painful and recovery is longer.   You owe it to yourself to do careful  due diligence and choose the right surgeons for you. Not too many surgeons specialize in butt implants surgery and I have redone many butt implants patients who were not happy with their result.                              All the best,                                                 Dr Widder

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