Can Skin Needling Repair Indentations and Permanent Redness Left by Vbeam Scarring?

I was scarred by a triple board certified dermatologist using a v-beam laser. Can skin needling repair the damage she assured me would not occur? If not skin needling, then how about dermabrasion? I doubt seriously I will follow the advice of other derms on here and attempt to repair laser damage with another laser. I don't repair the damage a hammer does to my thumb by using a different hammer....

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Skin Needling and Indentations

It was the high energies from a laser that caused your scarring, therefore, a laser or laser-type device is necessary to repair the damage.  Besides lasers such as Fraxel and Pixel, one may consider a non-laser energy source such as subablative radiofrequency for scarring.  In general, non-laser treatments such as skin needling and radiofrequency do not work as well as lasers for scarring. 

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