Pain in Right Quadrant Just Above TT Scar and Pain in Back 2 Wks Post-TT/lipo of Flanks...Is This Normal?

I had a full TT in addition to lipo of my flanks 2 wks ago on Nov. 16. My left side seems to be healing well, but I have a searing pain in my lower right quadrant, particularly just above the scar, beginning about midway between my belly button and the end of the scar on my right hip, and above that. I also still have pain in my right flank area, as well as in my back. The pain seems strange... Any time I touch my right quadrant, I notice pins and needles all down my right leg. Is this normal??

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Pins and Needles Down Leg after Tummy Tuck

    This could be due to pressure on the lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh.   If you have signs of infection or leg swelling with one greater than the other, you should contact your plastic surgeon right away.

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Pain on the right side

Your pain may represent edema and fluid on that side.  This is not unusual especially if you also had a hernia repair at the same time.  More information is needed to help you but your best bet is to have your surgeon help you decipher the cause of this pain.  Based on you description it could be a nerve compression from the swelling but it could also be appendicitis?  This is why you need to stay in touch with your surgeon to help you.

Good luck

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Ruling out Infection

Whenever a patient has a significant difference in healing from one side to the other, it is always important to make sure there is not a significant issue occurring.  In your case, specifically with one sided pain after a tummy tuck, it is important to rule out infection.  Signs of an acute infection would include redness, warmth, swelling, funny drainage from the wounds, fevers or chills.  If you have any of these, contact your surgeon immediately.

Provided that you are not experiencing any signs of acute infection, it can be normal for one side to hurt more after a tummy tuck and liposuction.  The shooting pain down your legs comes from a nerve that runs right over the front of your hip.  This nerve can be irritated during a tummy tuck.  Usually the irritation will resolve with time and patience.  If it does not, let your surgeon know because there are injections that can be helpful. 


  With regards to your back pain, it is common for the muscles of the back to become irritated with the hunched over position of the recovering tummy tuck patient.  I find that a small muscle relaxed prescription goes a long way toward making that better.


Hope you feel better soon.

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.Is This Normal?

It is so common to have pain and other sensory disturbances after tummy tuck that it is hard to say what is and isn't normal. The pins and needles probably reflect pressing upon a sensory nerve. 

Your symptoms obviously disturb you enough to write here. The question, however, is best addressed to your surgeon who knows you, knows precisely what was done, and can evaluate in person.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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