Rhinoplasty - open roof deformity. Would my nasal bones have been long enough? (Photos)

I had rhinoplasty to remove a hump. Initially my results looked good but later I realized I had an open roof deformity. I have filler in now to help disguise it. Are my nasal bones long enough to have osteotomies? I'd prefer my nose more narrow as I felt the rhinoplasty widened my previously thin nose, but I heard short nasal bones don't allow for osteotomies and instead grafting is used. Based on my pictures would my nasal bones been long enough?

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Tip problem after rhinoplasty

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Hello scutebb. According your pictures you have an open dorsum and insufficient tip projection. The length of your nasal bones is not a concern to treat that deformity. You need a revision surgery. The best way is to ask your surgeon to do it. It will cost you a lot less than to find a new surgeon (of course if you still trust your surgeon). Good luck.

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Nasal bones long enough for osteotomy? Sure!

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Basically, if your nasal bones are "long enough" to cause an open roof deformity, then they are capable of proper osteotomies to narrow the open roof and restore the nasal pyramid. And you can keep the nice profile or have it adjusted too. 

Either way, you need to wait a year and then undergo re-operation. And it's not just a "little" touch-up operation--it's still a redo rhinoplasty that takes another year to fully soften, settle, and regain sensation. But it's not only possible, but beneficial in your case. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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