How Do I Care for This Wound Separation? (photo)

I have wound separation and large hard spots under each breast. I'm on antibiotics for poss infection. One of the scabs near my areola came off so there is a large hole there too. I've moved across the country since my surgery and my doctor usually says put some gauze on it and it will heal. I've been cleaning it and putting pads on it, but they stick and the hole were the scab was is getting bigger. Is there anything I can do so things stop sticking to the wounds so they may heal?

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Healing open wounds after breast reduction with complication.

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You will heal these wounds.  It will take some time, and you will have some scarring, but these wounds are healthy and will close on their own.  Keep doing dressing changes and wait it out.  After the wounds close  and the scars mature you can consider scar revision.

Caring for Wound Separation after Breast Reduction?

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You may want to try the use of “non-–stick” dressings such as Adaptec or Xeroform.  Check with a local pharmacy and see what is available to you;  you may find that application of a thin layer of antibiotic ointment ( making sure that you are not allergic  prior to using it) may also be helpful in preventing the dressings from sticking.  Use a sterile dressing (gauze) over the nonstick dressing as well.

 I'm sure your plastic surgeon will be available to you via e-mail/phone as well.

Best wishes. 

How Do I Care for This Wound Separation?

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Thanks for the posted photos and questions. Why has not your chosen surgeon "found" another boarded PSs in your new city to care for you? The thought comes to mind that you may have not used a boarded PS! I know I recommend boarded PSS to my patients who have post operative wound issues if they have relocated or came to me from another city or state. The ASPS has a listing of available boarded PSs in your new city, Or call local PSs to see if you can pay for wound care and evaluation, though health insurance usually covers this. Best to you and follow up would be nice. Regards  

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