My belly button is swollen shut and hard to clean. Is this normal? (photo)

The np says I need to clean my belly button daily with q tips and hydrogen peroxide. Its so swollen its hard to get the qtips in and feels very uncomfortable to pushdown around and inside it. Is it good enough to pour the hydrogen peroxide in it to loosen the crust? And why isnt my belly button round at all? The np says its swelling. And the worse case scenario I will need a revision. I cannot stand the feeling of anything in my belly button. What can I do?

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Belly button problem after tummy tuck.

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You should insist on seeing your plastic surgeon. It does appear to be early in the post-op period so it may improve with more time, but it should be seen by the surgeon and he or she should address your concerns. If that is not satisfactory, get another opinion.

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Bellybutton after tummy talk

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It appears that you were early in the postoperative period.  There is likely a degree of swelling that is causing the deformity.  I cannot tell what type of technique was used for your bellybutton. These questions would be best directed to your surgeon.  Often massage will help these deformities and patients.  The revision could be considered after at least 3 to 6 months.  

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My belly button is swollen shut and hard to clean. Is this normal?

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Not sure what "np" means??? Best to see your Plastic Surgeon in person or seek IN PERSON second opinions from a boarded PSs in your area... 

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Thank you for your picture.  I would follow the NP advice but I would ask you to see your PS and double check with him or her.  The shape is a bit odd but every plastic surgeon has his/her way of creating/preserving the belly button.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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