Is my tip still swollen? What are my options to make my tip smaller? The dr said there is nothing else he can do. (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty on 12/15/15. Requested hump shaved down and smaller tip. I asked dr today why my tip looked larger than before surgery. He said its swelling and will go down by 12 month (it's been 7). I asked if it didn't, what were my options. He stated nothing, he has done all he can do. He said he took cartilage out of top of tip and then tightened it up. I'm really not satisfied as it looks worse than before. He said he didn't touch the very tip so it should look the same.

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Nasal tip swelling and surgical expectations

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The quick answer to your question is that your surgeon can try a small injection of Kenalog 10 into the nasal tip to help expedite the swelling that you currently have in your nasal tip.  Time alone will certainly help but the addition of a steroid injection can be very helpful.  The longer answer would involve a consultation to evaluate the thickness of your skin and the strength of your nasal tip cartilages in order to assess the current status of your nasal tip and the likelihood of improved definition and decrease in size. 

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  Remember, you should always address any post-operative concerns with your primary surgeon.  It is very important to remember it takes 6 months for 90% of the swelling to resolve after a rhinoplasty. During this waiting period, several treatment options can reduce the swelling. First, post-operative taping is imperative to decrease swelling and mold the shape of the nose. This can be performed for a minimum of 2 weeks with recommendations commonly for 3 months. Second, a short course of oral steroids (Medrol dose pack) can be beneficial in the early stages to decrease swelling and pain. Third, I commonly use a dilute solution of Kenalog with Marcaine to decrease swelling of the nasal tip. I hope you find this helpful. Best of luck in your recovery!


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Tip swelling

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Swelling often will improve by about a year but can take longer 18-24 months in some.  Best of luck...

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