Can I get a tattoo before my breast augmentation?

can I finish my tattoo a week or so before I go in for my BA the tattoo is on my arm I just don't know if itll be something I should worry about?

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You can get a tattoo before surgery

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i personally would recommend that you get your tattoo a bit more than a week in advance of your surgery or wait until a week after your BA. However, a week should be fine if you can't change the date. remember the tattoo site is quite tender right after you receive the tattoo and your arms will be wrapped when you are in the OR for your BA. 

david berman md

Avoid a tattoo the week before breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  Since tattooing involves a break in the skin which can allow bacteria access to your body I personally would prefer that my patients do not have tattooing so close to breast augmentation.  Since breast implants are a foreign body they tend to attract any abnormal bacteria within the bloodstream.  Of course follow the advice of your chosen plastic surgeon.

Tattoo before surgery

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As long as your tattoo isn't on the breast itself I wouldn't have a problem with it. However, this is a question to which you might get several different answers from different surgeons. You need to ask your surgeon this question.

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