Could sun exposure damage my rhinoplasty?

So I went out to go to work, the weather was so hot and my car went off, I had to walk and the sun exposed in my nose directly, it's been one month since I had my surgery, I'm so concern that this sun exposure will affect on the results of the rhinoplasty so could you please answer about the consequences?

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Effect of Sun Exposure to Rhinoplasty Result

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Hi Linda.A,
While sun exposure will not have any effect on the result of a rhinoplasty procedure, it is always best to avoid sun exposure without sun block.

Sun exposure and rhinoplasty

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Sun exposure will not "ruin" your result, but the skin is likely sensitive to the sun and might burn easily.  Best of luck.

Sun exposure

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It has been a month so there should not be any problem but next time you can use sun screen 50+ SPF. Also please be in touch with your doctor.Kind regards..

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