What is the best option for my breast? (photos)

I have lopsided breast. It annoys me and makes me self conscious so I want to get them fixed. I was planning on a breast lift on the left one (bigger 1). But scared that it would leave me with small boobs. I prefer the size of my larger 1 just not the drooping. Will a lift leave me with small boobs? Can I add implants if I don't like the lift aftwards. What are my other options to get even breast. Just to do a lift on 1 side I'm getting charted $2200.

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What is the best option for my breast?

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Hello Dear, thank you so much for your pictures and questions.

According with your pictures you would be an excellent candidate for Breas lift, this surgical procedure is used for decrease the size of the breast, by the removal of fat, tissue breast and skin, making them more small, light and firm. You can also reduce thesize of the areola. Also if you want to make your breast look more firm and less falls, but want to keepthe volume can opt for the placement of breast implants.

Hope hear from you soon, best wishes!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift/ Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question. I believe there isn't a single ideal method to correct every breast. Volume, skin envelope and areola position should all be considered in breast surgery.  Breast Implants can be used afterwards if your desired fullness was not obtained during the breast lift. The consultation is key to discussing your desired goals specifically in terms of volume and upper pole fullness as that will be the determining factor of the surgical design strategy. Have this discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Alfred Sofer, MD, FACS
Fairfield Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift for assymetry.

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Thanks for your question and the photos. Based on your skin laxity  and your photos I believe that the larger breast may benefit from a lift and slight reduction so that the skin and volume are closer to the other breast. Interestingly you may wish to consider some tightening of the  smaller breast as well. I find that breast that are both tightened with the same pattern tend to take on a  more similar shape than when only one is tightened.

Once you have a more even situation, If you are happy , the you are done, but, if at that time you wish more volume you would then have a better and more predictable starting situation to add implants.

Hope this helps.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with augmentation

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Thank you for your question. The goal with breast surgery is to achieve symmetry with a pleasing shape and volume according to the patient's desires. You may require a combination of asymmetrical lifting with augmentation.  The parameters of both the breast lift and the position of the breast implants should be designed to keep the implants relatively low while lifting the breast tissue and nipple to sit directly over the implants.  Many techniques exist in breast surgery, and combined lifting with augmentation is especially tricky.  The key is working with an expert, board certified plastic surgeon to get the best plan for you.

Lift and augmentation

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A lift of one or both is possible. Implants can always be placed at a later time.  Best of luck with your decision to move forward.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven Boobs

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It is hard to say without examining you in person and assessing the tissue quality but you would need a reshaping of the left breast raising the areola and reducing its see at the same time. this may leave with a small difference in volume. 

The volume difference could be corrected using different sized implants on each side.

Their are quite a few decisions to make and so think it over and see a board certified surgeon for assessment 

best wishes 

Lift now a good plan if it makes you happy

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A unilateral lift to improve your symmetry is a great place to start. Yes you can have implants later if you so desire.  If you did not know implants do need to be replaced every ten  or so years and you may not want that future cost.Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants with a lift

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By your photos it seems like you will need more than just a unilateral breast lift.  At my practice I consult with many patients that present with asymmetrical breasts.  In your case, I would suggest a breast augmentation using a small implant and a lift on both sides.  This will fill up your excess skin as well as reposition both areola (nipples). 

Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question and photos. A breast lift can be done with or without implants. You could choose to have the lift first as a separate procedure and then decide on a BBA once you have healed. There are options to even out an asymmetry including resizing areolas and different sized implants. I recommend that you book a consultation and meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon in person so that they can examine you and discuss your goals. 

All the best 


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For symmetry you would benefit from a bilateral breast lift.  It could be done with only a circumareolar incision alone.  The larger side would need to be reduced.  You can opt for an implant at a later date.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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