Major overbite and mouth profusion . I cannot close my lips naturally and my mouth sticks out. 4 extractions enough? (photos)

Hi, I'm just starting braces. I have slight crowding at the bottom but that isn't what I decided to get braces for. My mouth sticks out so much now that when I close my mouth my lips look odd , sometimes they look like they're stuck together. And when I turn to the side and take a picture I can see even more how much my mouth sticks out. I've had 4 teeth removed plus all wisdom th. But I feel that's not enough? I want to see my mouth moved back significantly. 4 really enough for that??

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You should see a nice change in your lip position

Hi...I can see your concern in the images you posted.  However without full diagnostic records, it's hard to say for sure.  But since you said you have mild crowding, all that space created by removing premolars (7-8 mm per side) can be used to retract and upright the front teeth.  A couple of things to be aware of: 1) retracting teeth 8 mm does not necessarily result in an 8 mm reduction in lip protrusion.  IOW the soft tissue does not necessarily change the same amount as the teeth.  2)  Your orthodontist can do some things to maximize that retraction and the effect on the lips...since that is your main goal.  I would talk to him about using some accessories for maximum "anchorage".  IOW, we want the incisors to move back and the molars NOT to move forward at all while closing spaces.  There are a number of things that can be used (headgears, elastics, TPA, etc.)  ... but the best thing is skeletal bone anchors (TAD"s)

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